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Hormonal imbalances and genetics could result in premature balding and hair thinning at any stage of life for both men and women. Androgenetic alopecia, sometimes called female and male pattern baldness, is the most common baldness condition, resulting in thin, less dense hair that, over time, can go away altogether and decrease a person's self-image. At Advanced Hair Technologies, we provide TED by Alma and the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula as a cutting-edge treatment to encourage hair growth. Acoustic sound waves and pressurized air from this high-end treatment supply the specialized TED+ Hair Care Formula deeper into your scalp to stimulate blood flow while also delivering essential growth factors necessary to grow, strengthen, and retain the hair. Schedule an appointment at our Del Mar, CA office to explore what this noninvasive treatment option could do for you.

I am in love with this place. A woman salon with your own private little room. They only use the best products. I suffer from "Alopecia areata" and my hair has been look and feel better. Much healthier. Lea does a great job with the highlights. I will totally recommend this salon.

E.V. Google

If you are experiencing thinning hair for whatever reason, go see Melinda at Advanced Hair Aesthetics right away! I recently re-located from out of town and was lucky enough to find Melinda when searching the Internet. I've tried various treatments over the years and nothing has ever quite worked just right. After having my first appointment back in September, I knew I found the perfect spot for my thinning hair needs. Most recently, I decided to try long extensions using the IBE method, which Melinda is amazing at, and OMG when I saw a photo of the back of my head I didn't even realize it was me. Thick, luxurious and glamorous hair- which I have never had!! and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Also, Melinda has recommended several new hair products, including an alternate for X-Fusion, which I have used for years and swore I would never leave the house without. The salon is very clean (following COVID-19 protocols), private and the staff is always super friendly & knowledgeable. I've always been really self conscious about going to large, busy hair salons and this is why Advanced Hair Aesthetics is perfect. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

J.G. Google

After going through a MOHS surgery on my scalp last year that required a scalp repair, I was left with a hefty scar just behind my hairline. Needless to say, I have no hair growth at my scar site. Melinda completed a very thorough consultation with me, going over all my options for camouflaging my bald spot. I haven’t decided what to do quite yet, but I will definitely be going back to her. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hair aesthetics. I highly recommend her.

S.H. Yelp

Melinda has comprehensive knowledge re hair issues of every stripe. She excels in providing a compassionate consultative experience and a flawless, expedient, execution of results. Results that included perfect color matching and lasting effects.  I was nearly defeated by my personal fight with hair anxiety and unsuccessful attempts to find peace with my hair through color, cuts, extensions, etc.... and I was very tired of spending literally HOURS in a chair only to be unsatisfied and therefore unhappy to part hard earned dollars for an outcome that would not last. When I was referred to Melinda by a successful salon owner who stated she learned "everything she knows" from Melinda, I saw a beam of hope and made a call. Melinda is a commensurate professional who always answers my questions and sets me at ease. Her studio affords maximum privacy and is calming. She even has an emotional support poodle in studio on select days.  After literally years of generalized unhappiness with my hair I have found a place of stability and support with excellent products and efficient expertise. I would recommend speaking to Melinda whatever your issue is with your hair. She can size up the situation quickly, evaluate whether she can help you and when she can, she does so graciously, professionally and with swift techniques that do not compromise quality results. Her conscientious work ethic and warm personality are worth the drive to Del Mar and worth every dollar.

M.S. Yelp

Amazing service!

S.N. Google


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How much does Alma TED cost?
The price varies according to how many procedures are recommended to meet your ideal improvements. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your concerns and hair growth desires before creating a personalized treatment outline, including a cost estimate.

What number of Alma TED sessions are required?
It is recommended to seek treatment at the onset of thinning hair or hair loss. The amount of TED sessions will differ according to the degree of hair loss. Visible results were attained after the first full set of treatment sessions over four weeks.

Is TED hair restoration painful?
Many say there is little to no discomfort during the hair restoration treatment. The treatment device employs sound energy and pressurized air to help drive the TED+ Hair Care Formula beneath the scalp, which should not cause trauma.

What results are clients reporting and what is the timeline?

All results will vary but these are the most consistent findings and timeline reported


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